Drosophila spp. expression arrays
Brian Oliver lab - Updated 03/31/2008

We assayed gene expression in males and females of multiple Drosophila species using species-specific microarrays. A detailed description of array design and experimental methods can be found in:

Zhang Y, Sturgill D, Parisi M, Kumar S, Oliver B. Constraint and turnover in sex-biased gene expression in the genus Drosophila. Nature. 2007 Nov 8;450(7167):233-7. PMID: 17994089 [Full Text/Abstract]

Complete data, including current platform descriptions, are availble in the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) under accession GSE6640. Older descriptions of these data and previous versions are below:

Probe remapping results (11/24/06)
Probes have been remapped to final annotation/assembly freeze. These results are summarized in this table. Probe sequences for each platform are below:
Probes (fasta): D. ananassae
Probes (fasta): D. mojavensis
Probes (fasta): D. pseudoobscura
Probes (fasta): D. simulans
Probes (fasta): D. virilis
Probes (fasta): D. yakuba

GFF files for each species, coordinates only (Updated 11/24/06):
GFF: D. ananassae
GFF: D. mojavensis
GFF: D. pseudoobscura
GFF: D. simulans
GFF: D. virilis
GFF: D. yakuba

Previous version (v.2.0 May, 2006): tar
Array design overview and description (v.2.0): README.v2.txt
Previous version (v.1.0 January, 2006): zip | tar

Dave Sturgill, Yu Zhang, Michael Parisi, and Brian Oliver at the Laboratory of Cellular and Developmental Biology, NIDDK, NIH. These results are unpublished. Please contact us at davidsturgill@niddk.nih.gov if you are interested in using these data. We thank Agencourt Biosciences and the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center for prepublication release of genomic sequences, Venky Iyer and the Eisen Lab at UC Berkeley for prepublication draft annotations, and Kyle Munn of Nimblegen for assistance with array design.

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